Pediatric Medical Services and Mental Health Services

Keep your child on the right path with the help of the pediatric medical services from Cheryl Appel MD, Adolescent and Young Adult Primary Care Medicine in White Plains, New York. She establishes a level of trust with all of her patients—the first step to an accurate evaluation of their situation, and a stepping stone to a better outcome.


Since Dr. Appel began practicing pediatrics 25 years ago, the specialty has evolved to encompass many disciplines essential to the health and well-being of children and young adults. She chose to narrow her focus to the treatment of adolescents and young adults because it offers the opportunity to help patients begin the experience of managing their own physical and mental health through adulthood.

The visits with patients are focused on health issues, emotions, and behavior. Contemplations before action and self-reliance are the basis for her teaching them the art of making good decisions. The stage in life when teens are looking for independence is the biggest challenge for parents. Staying connected and mutually trusting can become a difficult task. Dr. Appel is available to help parents manage their teen's behavior and risk-taking activities and give them the skills needed to keep the lines of communication open and non-judgmental.

Young Adult Girl

Juggling responsibilities, coping with stress, and self-care comprise the last developmental skill set young adults acquire in their 20s. An integral part of Dr. Appel’s visits with this group is a focused conversation about their personal health risks based on family history, personal health profile, and the habits they are developing around food, exercise, recreation, and stress. Through motivational interviewing and problem-solving skills, patients devise their own solutions and set attainable goals.

In this field, high-risk behaviors can lead to serious illness, both physical and mental. Dr. Appel combines her skills in communication with screening tests and psychotropic medication when necessary. With every patient, she begins by assuming they are doing the best they can—she uses this unconditional acceptance as a starting point for trust.

She collaborates with a wide range of experts including medical subspecialists, psychotherapists, and nutritionists. She also works with colleges to find support and medical management for her patients who are living away from home.

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